RTI and MTSS Scheduling

guarantee learning for all students

Culture + Structure

What + How

Let's agree on "Why" we create extra time during our school day: we want learning for all students.  Determining "How" to manage this is much less clear. Our flexible scheduling service provides an efficient, flexible system so teachers can focus on what to teach rather than how to schedule.

Systems + Goals

A system to guarantee support for ALL students is the only way to achieve the goal of learning for ALL students! Efficiently making timely, direct and systemic interventions + enrichments for every student is now possible because Plus Time makes flexible scheduling easy.

Students + Teachers

Students learn in different ways and at different times. Teachers collaborating about who provides students with specific supports is at the heart of real PLC work. Students have ownership in selecting supports.  Our web based service is easy to use and promotes accountability for student learning.    

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Plus Time is a great way to begin the PLC conversation in schools + it is the key system to address "What do we do when students don't learn?" for schools operating as a PLC.

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